Environmental Artists

We are looking for experienced Environment Artists for our studio. We're looking for well-rounded Artists who can texture, light, and model. They will be making objects, vehicles, rooms, building, and various other pieces of terrain. Successful applicants will be able to create high quality, realistic, and efficient texture maps and models while adhering to the creative vision of the department directors. Our Environmental Artists develop, organizd, and maintain both unique and reusable level assets in a timely fashion. Environmental Artists report to the Lead Environmental Artist.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Create original and aesthetically pleasing 2D textures.
  • Create textures which tile seamlessly.
  • Create textures from photo source that look realistic and not overworked or artificial.
  • Create textures which follow established direction, engine guidelines, and parameters.
  • Create quick and concise 2D breakdowns of photo source or concept art which show how an object might be built in 3D, how many polygons it might take, how it might be textured and mapped, how many textures it might take, and how long it will take to create.
  • Model optimized geometry based on 2D concept art or photo source.
  • Be responsible for combining disparate parts and pieces into a visually unified world, including organic and inorganic terrain, objects, architectural elements, particles, sky and horizon elements, lighting, and gameplay elements.
  • Model 3D assets that work with gameplay mechanics and the in-game camera.
  • Work with fellow artists in creating an efficient and streamlined production pipeline.
  • Work with both art and design to meet projected deadlines/milestones.
  • Model, texture, and polish interior and exterior architectural spaces and world objects based on conceptual artwork

Experience and Skills

  • Expertise in 3D Studio Max and Photoshop or similar tools. Zbrush knowledge a strong plus.
  • Masterful skill in one or more of these areas: modeling, texturing, animation
  • 3+ years professional game development experience
  • Shipped one or more titles on PC or console
  • Experience developing original IP from conception to completion
  • Strong 3D modeling and texture mapping skills.


  • A Bachelors Degree in Art, Engineering, Architecture or equivalent preferred, but not required

Applicants with website portfolios and resumes should submit the URL for their website to jobs@waywardsouls.net with "Environmental Artist" as the subject line. Please do not send large attachments.