Client Engine Programmer

Our Client Engine Programmers will work under the direction of the Lead Programmer.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with the Lead Programmer to Architect and implement key data-driven engine subsystems, including systems related to graphics, audio, art pipelines, loading, memory management, etc.
  • Identify and provide programming solutions for in-game asset data streaming, including audio streaming technology.
  • Optimize and improve all aspects of the game engine technology.
  • Work with other team members to optimize systems to take advantage of the multi-processor architectures offered by modern PC platforms.
  • Contribute innovative and original ideas towards all aspects of game production and development.


  • Minimum of 3 years professional C++ programming experience.
  • Prior experience working in the game industry.
  • Experience with multi-threaded systems.
  • Experienced in low level optimizations such as optimal cache usage, optimal multi-threading, custom memory allocation schemes, etc.
  • Comfortable with 3D matrix and vector math.
  • Must be an avid gamer.
  • Experience with OpenGL and/or DirectX
  • Familiarity with Version Control Software


  • Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering or Computer Science(or equiv.)

Applicants with website portfolios and resumes should submit the URL for their website to with "Client Engine Programmer" as the subject line. Please do not send large attachments.