Animators will work under the direction of the Lead Animator to create visually compelling animations. We expect you our animators to have a passion for games and to demonstrate a clear knowledge of the principles of animation in their work.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintain a consistent animation style as set by the Lead Animator
  • Create 3D Animations, 2D Animations, and other art assets
  • Rig and animate characters that have character driven performances.
  • Assist with other art tasks as assigned.

Experience and Skills

  • 2+ years game experience in animation using 3DS Max
  • Expertise in skinning a variety of rigs, from simple characters to complex facial structures
  • A solid understanding of the principles of animations
  • Strong communication skills and a positive attitude
  • The ability to problem-solve and prioritize issues within an established production pipeline


  • A Bachelors Degree in Art or equivalent preferred, but not required

Applicants with website portfolios and resumes should submit the URL for their website to with "Animator" as the subject line. Please do not send large attachments.