Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate is easy. Simply register and log in, then fill in the extra information we need to be able to pay you for your referrals. You'll find the Affiliates link on the left hand navigation panel of your user profile. Payments are made on the 25th of each month based on the previous month's referrals. If we pay you through a PayPal account, you will be paid when you have earned at least $1.00. Affiliates requesting to be paid by check will be paid after their account balance reaches $25.00 or more.

After you've completed the registration and affiliate signup, you will be able to place one of our banner ads on your website, blog, or other site. Anyone who uses your ad banner to register will be added to your list of referrals. You will recieve a 10% commission on the first purchase made by your referrals. If someone uses your banner to register and later purchases a Gold Preferred Membership ($50.00), for example, you will have $5.00 credited to your account. You may view your referrals and your account balance at any time by visiting your user profile.


U.S. advertisers who pay $600 or more in commission to an affiliate who resides in the U.S. or an affiliate who is an American citizen, even if the affiliate is living abroad, must inform the IRS about this (via the 1099-MISC Form). To comply with these regulations and in order to be able to send the right information about you and your earned commissions to the IRS, you should complete and sign IRS Tax Form W-9. You will recieve a copy of this form along with mailing instructions when your year-to-date commission earnings reach $599. No additional payments can be made until we receive your signed W-9.

Anti-Spam Policy, limitiations, and other notes

You may not send unsolicited emails or engage in any unethical behavior to promote sales. Affiliates who spam forums or engage in behavior that would harm the reputation of our company will be banned from further participation in the affiliate program. Do not place our banners on sites containing pornographic or illegal material. Preferred Members who are also Affiliates will recieve both Affiliate referral credit and Preferred Member referral credit for their Affiliate referrals.

How to report spammers

If one of our affiliates has been violating our anti-spam policy, please email detailed information to our Customer Service department. If possible, please include links to evidence.